What is EduTherapy?

The word “Therapy” is defined as “treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder”. Education is  “the process of receiving and giving instructions at a school”. When a child is not able to receive instructions (like phonological awareness, phonics, reading and spelling), he may have a disorder called Dyslexia. Educational Therapy or Edutherapy for short, is the use of specific educational treatment approaches to relieve dyslexia. One of the most trusted and effective edutherapy method available is the MSL Orton Gillingham Approach, which I am trained in.

It is widely misunderstood by parents that  Educational therapy is tuition. Edutherapy is not tuition nor phonics enrichment classes, where children go to re-inforce what they have learnt in school. *(While I do offer such services in addition to Edutherapy.) Edutherapy is necessary and vital intervention to enable your child to read and spell independently.

While dyslexia has nothing to do with IQ or intelligence, it is however, hereditary. Many speech and language functional disorders may directly or indirectly cause it. It is common to see other conditions like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Developmental Coordination Disorder and other neuro-psychological disorders, co-existing with dyslexia.

Max. Potential Edutherapy is personalized Educational therapy that not only draws out your child’s Maximum Potential in academic Learning despite his struggles, but Awakens his Mind to know where his many Strengths lie.

Credits to Margie Gillies, Ed.D Understood.org

Success Stories

What parents of the children I work with say:

Monica is a very committed educational therapist. She has been teaching my daughter for 2.5 years, since she was in K2, after she was found to be dyslexic. My daughter couldn’t read then but under Monica’s guidance, she has improved tremendously. Monica is knowledgeable of the challenges that a child with dyslexia faces and is willing to share her knowledge with us. She is always ready to connect with my daughter’s occupational therapist. She also met with my daughter’s primary school teachers to help them better understand my daughter’s challenges and give them suggestions for helping her in school. Monica has built a strong relationship with my daughter, who likes her a lot, and we really appreciate her patience and commitment!
Parent A
The learning intervention classes aimed at helping children with dyslexia improve their English language skills and increase literacy as a result, has done a lot of good for my daughter. Before receiving a diagnosis of dyslexia, she was enrolled in Montessori phonics for 2 years in her preschool years. Yet my child continued to face difficulties in pronouncing and reading English words from books. This meant that she had to rely on her memory to remember words. As a parent, I knew that if this situation continued it would eventually impact her learning not just in English language but also other subjects, such as maths and science. Although my child has a slightly higher than average IQ, Monica’s lessons helped her go from reading hesitantly and having difficulty in understanding math problems, however it was due to the lessons with Monica that my child went from reading hesitantly and having difficulties in understanding maths problem sums, reading signs, Enid Blyton books, and more. Originally, a typical spelling list from school, would’ve taken her hours to learn. On her first try after just a short time, she was able to spell most of the words and sentences with very few mistakes.
Parent B
Monica has been most helpful with all my queries regarding dyslexia. Although I couldn’t sign my daughter up for Monica’s classes, Monica still provided me with tips and advice without hesitation. I can see that she has a genuine heart to help parents and children.
Parent C

Educational Therapist

Monica Chua
Bachelor of Science (NUS)
Certificate in Educational Studies (UK)
Orton Gillingham Trianed
Audio-Visual Interactive Decoding Trained
Registered Educational Therapist with the Child Development Unit of KK Women and Childrens’ Hospital

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